About Me

Hi, I’m Mark. So full disclosure, I ran one of these wine clubs for about a decade. It was a wild ride. Mostly, I enjoyed it. Near the end, I started to dislike the customer service and wanted to spend more time helping some of the wineries I was working with, instead of needing to search for the next one all the time. I wanted to help some wineries more while spending less time worrying about link acquisition, keywords, securing customer data, conversion rates and more. Basically I wanted to get back to the basics of wine and what I enjoyed about it and leave the core eCommerce responsibilities to organizations significantly larger than my own. Working in the industry still, you won’t hear any crazy shade being thrown around. Wine folks are good people.

All that doesn’t mean I won’t probably forever have an interest in the space. The wine club space is an interesting one, largely because it’s both changing rapidly, but also not changing at all. I’ll get into all that and more on this blog.

Lastly, I am married and have a couple of kids. You’ll find my personal life intermixed with information on here, because I’d rather write like a normal person.

Ok, enough of this for now. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look around.