Airline Mile Bonuses on Wine Club Purchases

Almost all of us with credit cards that earn us miles toward free travel, are sitting on quite a number of them after travel was curtailed for so long during the pandemic. What that seems to mean is that, free trips are often closer than they have ever been before. Wine clubs are now offering sign up bonuses which can help significantly toward those credit card miles. Here are some examples from American Airlines.

I’ll leave the valuation of American Airlines miles to the professionals over at The Points Guy, but in essence they wrote up this offer and found, the bonus causes this to be basically, free wine. Plus, Winc is consistently one of best rated wine clubs in existence.

What else is available? Here’s Vinesse at 2,000 miles

As you might expect, with Winc involved, their main competitor, Firstleaf is also there.

I’ve talked in the past about how you should share your email, in order to bring in coupon codes. How do these type of offers feed into that? It appears that the coupons that we have been waiting for via email, are now often more freely available even through these shopping portholes. Plus, the credit card bonuses are actually worth something if you’re someone who pays attention to that stuff.