American Airlines Wine Club

So here’s a new player in the wine club space and generally fits what I’ve talked about previously: anyone with a massive email list is going to eventually have a wine club.

Today, meet American Airlines Wine Club.

The club is administered by Vinesse (more on them later, they’re a common player in this niche of the wine of the month club space) and generally you will receive 3 bottles of wine for $100.

Food and Wine had a nice write up which brought up a few questions for me. First, they’re really selling that the American Airlines Wine Club gives you access to their in flight wines. Honestly, I didn’t know that would be a big draw. Do you think of the airlines as having great wine selections? The advertised wines in the press release include a Hall, Napa Valley Merlot. So, as much as I like Hall…..that’s generally available in most wine shops. So are we playing a price game here? There’s some evidence of that in their press release. Or, are they also going to sell that they’re curating these? It’ll take some convincing on that point for me.

Secondly and there is a lot of this that I’ll write about at some point, but joining the American Airlines Wine Club gives you extra miles from American Airlines. Makes sense. I should have seen this one coming actually. Revenue is down and this is a way to gain some revenue. It won’t be as much as they think, but every little bit helps right now actually.

We saw this same kind of thing happen a few years back, newspaper advertising revenue had tanked and the newspaper wine clubs were born.

Ok, so American Airlines Wine Club is here. Game on United and Southwest.