Another December Wine Club Quirk: Advertising Costs

I talked yesterday about the shipping challenges inherent with the calendar for wine clubs in December, but there’s one other thing that used to drive me INSANE.

As you might expect, a ton of wine club sales can be derived from Google, Bing and other search engines. Pay per click advertising in the wine club space is it’s own niche job to be sure and honestly, I wasn’t the best. But we did try from time to time other than in December?

You might be wondering why? You’re thinking, isn’t this time of year like half of your business? Kinda. For single sales, like those 3 month gift memberships which allows you to clear unwanted inventory, sure. But for new ongoing business, nope. Anyway, plenty of wine clubs wanted, or better yet, NEEDED those sales around this time. Plus, the calendar creates a sense of urgency that you can’t create by yourself. You need those gifts under the tree for your family, otherwise you’re in trouble.

That sense of buying urgency simply means that conversion rates (this is the percentage of people who buy something once they land on your website) could triple, or increase even more than that. Wine club conversion rates are an interesting discussion, but they’re typically pretty low compared to other products on the web.

Anyway increased conversion rates AND the need for sales drives PPC advertising costs into the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) stratosphere. The cost per click always had landed around $4 or so on average, but there were days in this run up to Christmas where the average costs of a wine club click would run close to $15. It was insanity and we once famously burned our entire weekly advertising budget in one morning, before we were even awake. Meh. That’s how I learned to set upper limits and could turn them off when we were like awake, had the kids gone and could pay closer attention. Small business is hard ya’ll.

So there’s another quirk of selling wine club memberships in December.