Another New Wine Club: Decanter

Last week we had another new wine club enter the fray: Decanter.

If you aren’t familiar Decanter is a magazine, which among other stuff, rates wines. So, there’s now (suddenly) this interesting setup that as a winemaker, you can submit your wine to Decanter and not only get a score from them, but also maybe sell some wine.

It doesn’t take a lot of digging to figure out what’s going on beneath the hood here though with Decanter’s wine club. When you click through to their website, you actually are taken to Wine Access. I haven’t covered Wine Access here because they’re a wine shop.

So what’s unique about the Decanter wine club? Do they have some super duper specialized thing going on? No, not really. First, let’s start thinking about the Decanter wine club, like a newspaper wine club, but better. (again, I don’t like those). It stands to reason that much like other media companies, Decanter has an extensive email list. Unlike those other companies though, Decanter has two really significant advantages.

First, their email list is already targeted to people interested in wine. Second, there’s a chance given their long standing role in the wine industry that they do have some special connection with winemakers or simply, because they rate wine, they might find bottles more quickly than other more traditional third party wine clubs.

So, do I love having another wine club that’s marketing the picking of wines for you by Sommeliers? No, not really. Also, while the Decanter wine club is basically a newspaper wine club, there are a number of differences at play and those differences are significant enough that I think I’ll add the Decanter wine club to my list of wine clubs to try in 2022.