BBB Reviews of Wine Clubs

Online reviews are often impossible to deal with, especially if you’re a small business. Send out hundreds of wine club shipments perfectly? Nobody will know about them. Mess one up? Yup, if it’s the wrong customer you’re going to read about it EVERYWHERE.

One of the main places consumers will go to, to lodge complaints, is the Better Business Bureau. As a consumer, that might work. But, let’s be clear, the BBB is little more than a scam for companies. You might be wondering why. Well, to start, you’re not always notified of complaints in a timely manner. As an example, I used to receive complaints outside of the 30 day window to respond to them, BUT, of course if I joined the BBB and paid my $750, then I’d be allowed to respond to those same complaints. You’re going to see a common set of themes in regards to wine clubs on the BBB. Bad reviews, complaints and yet A+ scores if you pay money…..F grades if you don’t. You’re going to see those A+ scores because it’s a grift.

Here’s how some of the wine clubs that I’ve already reviewed stack up. You can check out my FirstLeaf Wine Club Review:

Next up and it gets worse, if you can believe it. Read my Winc review.

Notice the difference? One of these wine clubs has paid the money to be accredited and they, despite worse review scores have an A+ rating. The other one not only has an F grade, but has been investigated.

Look, there’s a lot of good reasons to be skeptical of wine clubs. Many will take your money and conveniently forget about those prepaid gift orders. But especially when you’re ordering for yourself, how easily you can cancel will tell you a lot more about how they’re doing business than a BBB review, which has an outside company, with a financial motive to show bad reviews and negative information…..unless they get paid.