California Wine Club Review

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0/1: You have to call or email them, it is not possible online without intervention.1.5/2: Ordered on a Tuesday. Wine delivered by Thursday. No tracking provided though.

California Wine Club Ordering Process

The ordering process for the Caifornia Wine Club is a bit less involved than it is for others, namely those which something like a quiz to gain your email address. Instead the California Wine Club ordering process, is more of a traditional ecommerce setup. You’ve found us, now let’s get your order and move on.

Here’s the home page where you’re left with the most basic question: which wine club do you want?

For this California Wine Club review, I wanted to talk about and try the most popular option, which they have said publicly for years is their “Signature Series” so that’s what I went with. I then got to this screen with some more choices. Namely, did I want red or white wine and also, did I want 2 bottles or 4. It’s been just a year since I was selling wine clubs on a site and this seems like a new change since that time period.

I should include that California Wine Club gives you the option to order monthly, or every other month or quarterly. I chose monthly, but that doesn’t really matter here because as per my California Wine Club, I’ll be cancelling and telling you about the process at the end of my review.

As you can see, the third part of the ordering process, gave me a general overview of what was being ordered. I also found myself a California Wine Club coupon code, which gave me 2 free bottles of wine added to my order. Yes, this is the same one I have linked to above. It’s well worth it.

We’ve reached the standard, who are you exactly page on an ecommerce site. Interestingly, you can’t checkout as a guest, so as part of the ordering process, here’s where things get longer whereas, the newer wine clubs tend to make things more complicated up front. Really, everybody just wants your email address because eventually they’re convinced that will get them to your credit card. Normally, they’re correct about that too.

Here’s hoping you have autofill set up on your computer or phone……

This is actually a pretty standard set of rules and regulations within the wine trade. We can’t confirm when something is going to show up, basically because UPS and Fedex are really in charge here.

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California Wine Club Cancellation Process:

So I rated the California Wine Club cancellation process as 0/1 corkscrews for my review because it was not possible for me to cancel online, without help. Within my account I could put my account on a pause, I could then restart my account, I could change my shipping frequency or even change my wine club level. But, I couldn’t cancel. It was frustrating to have to either call (absolutely not) or email them to cancel when I was able to sign up over the computer and it’s fairly obvious that from both my experience creating wine club websites and the functionality they already have available to customers that they could offer the ability to cancel, but have chosen not to. That’s not a good user experience and they should fix this ASAP.

Ok, so here’s my attempt which as I’ve already said, ended in failure and having to find their FAQ.

As you can see, I attempted to begin by finding my account, I circled that above so you could see where I was beginning my journey.

This is about where I was feeling really, really good about the California Wine Club cancellation process. Look, it’s right there right? Make changes to existing membership! That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to change my membership from existing to not existing!

Ok, so maybe some people have more than 1 membership? Cool, yup, still want to change my membership. So I clicked that red button and I was feeling even better about it.

So if you’re reading along with me, I can order wine more or less frequently, I can order more of less wine per shipment, I can change the ratio of red to white wine, I can even put my membership on hold AND restart it automatically.

But I can’t cancel without an email or a phone call.

Come on now. Again, this isn’t a good user experience. Just let me cancel the same way I signed up.