Checking My Inbox: Current Wine Club Sales

One of the fun things about writing a site like Wine Club Reviews, I receive emails from every wine club I’ve written about on an almost daily basis and it’s fun to see what they’re currently offering in terms of sales, deals and generally what they’re pushing. Here’s some highlights as we reach late February, a quiet time in the wine club industry. After checking a few of these out, I think you’ll have a pretty good idea about the priority for wine clubs right now (or skip to the end and I’ll sum it up for you)

California Wine Club has a sale on some individual bottles of wine, as well as, $1 shipping.

The Original Wine of the Month Club has a case sale for about half off.

Firstleaf, has almost the exact same price as the Original Wine of the Month Club. Here’s their newest case sale:

So 3 wine clubs, 3 similar email offers within days of each other…..what’s going on? So in the wine industry here in early February, one thing is happening at wineries…..they’re clearing space because they need to get Rose and white wines from this past vintage bottled here in the next month or two. A wine club has to do much the same as one way that a winery creates space is by offering those wines it may want to disappear, to wine clubs at a discount. For wine clubs it’s buying season and moving some inventory helps not only with cash flow, but almost as importantly, space.

If you’re looking for more time sensitive insight into what’s happening at specific time periods in the wine club industry, here’s some more of what I’ve written:

Valentines Day

During the New Year

New Year’s Eve

As we move through the calendar year, I’ll try and share more of this information. I hope you find it interesting or at least slightly insightful.