Comarca Tempranillo Review FirstLeaf Wine Club

Comarca Tempranillo Review: Firstleaf Wine Club

For a lot of people, wines like this are going to be their first entry into wine from Spain. The long and short of the story in Spain, is that it’s both hot and sunny during the day, BUT, it’s often pretty cold at night. That’s generally called diurnal temperature differences and winemakers LOVE it. To compare to a region within California, you’re talking something close to Paso Robles.

So, Tempranillo is kind of the national grape of Spain. It’s interesting because it tends to be both very bold and almost thick in texture, while still being largely acidic. That’s how that diurnal temperature difference comes into play. Tempranillo has something of an excellent ability to both ripen during the day, but then regain acidity at night when temperatures drop.

Here’s Vivino:

So, almost a 4.0 rating, with my standard adjustment for a non standard varietal. This was a good wine from Firstleaf and one that they really didn’t have to ship. Instead they could have played it safer. So, from me: 2 stars. I was thrilled with the quality for my first shipment and moving forward, would I buy another bottle? Sure

Comarca Tempranillo Review FirstLeaf Wine Club