FirstLeaf Wine Club: Cancellation Process

As part of my FirstLeaf Wine Club Review, I joined the wine club, received my wine and then went into my account to cancel.

As part of my evaluation process for wine clubs, I rate each wine clubs cancellation policies by a simple ease of administration. I created a simple one point system if I could easily cancel however I wanted, with 0 points if I couldn’t cancel how I wanted.

While the FirstLeaf cancellation policy definitely did make me answer some questions about why I wanted to cancel and did offer me a few incentives to stay (free shipping for the year, $20 off my next order etc) I was able to cancel online from my computer, in exactly the same way that I signed up.

Full details are available in my FirstLeaf review, along with screenshots of the process. But, this was a good one.

One point for FirstLeaf and their cancellation process. It worked and I was able to cancel online by myself without any intervention on their end.

Good job FirstLeaf. That’s how cancelling a wine club should work.