Have Your Wine Club Reviewed

Do you want me to review your wine club on this site, or add it to my regular review rotation? I’m happy to do so. Please fill out the form below to get started.

Please note, I prefer a coupon code so I can show the ordering process on your site, as well as, shipment time frames and more than bottles to show up unannounced on my front door.

Generally speaking I will make sure to include a post about the ordering process, as well as, reviews of each of the wines that you ship. Depending on my thoughts, as well as, the amount of available information those subsequent posts may or may not be their own posts, or show up as a combination post about your wine club shipment that month. I would prefer to have them be their own posts though for clarity.

Lastly? Is your wine club already listed on this site, but you’d like to work together more closely? Yeah, I’ve sent a lot of those emails over the years too. Let’s talk about a setup that would work for you.