How I Rate Wine Clubs: Cancellation Policies

Look, anyone who has looked around at various wine club reviews even for five minutes has found them, crappy reviews of wine clubs because a consumer couldn’t cancel in a timely manner. When I operated my own wine club, I allowed people to cancel via email, phone or even online without any intervention on my end. There were still complaints, so I get it this is hard. BUT, the technology, even with my previous IT budget of essentially $0 is there. There is absolutely no excuse for any subscription business to make cancelling your subscription difficult and wine clubs are no different. Here’s how I rate wine club cancellation policies:

Easy via phone, email AND online without intervention: 1 pointNot all of those things: 0 points

Lastly, no sending a Facebook message doesn’t need to be a way to cancel. It certainly can be and maybe it should if the wine club is advertising over there extensively. But, what’s the next step beyond that? Sending a Tic Tok to cancel? Sounds fun and maybe I’m officially old for saying this, but I don’t see social media as a way that a wine club needs to allow you to cancel. But again, they damn well better allow you to do so online via the account they forced you to create in order to place your initial order, otherwise zero points. I really hope to not be giving out zero points very often in this space.

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