How I Rate Wine Clubs: Extras

Ok, so every wine club out there offers some sort of extras. California Wine Club is consistent and fairly aggressive with their offers of discounts on wine. There are of course, plenty of other examples. I don’t want extras to only mean discounts on bottles of wine either. I’ve known other wine clubs, especially those tied to Sommelier’s which organize winemaker dinners (admittedly this is something I wanted to do with my own wine club at some point, before reality set in, that it wouldn’t ever be allowed for an online business). So generally, I want a little something extra. Why should I pay for wine from you, instead of from a winery directly? Wineries in Napa and Sonoma have invite only dinners, movie nights, free tastings and more. Sure, some of these type of extras won’t be available in the online only spaces that many of the wine clubs I review on this site exist in, but surely they can figure out something.

Fun or Good, Usable Extras: 1 PointNothing Really Doing: 0 Points

This really should not be complicated, give us a little extra for our money.