La Belle France review

La Belle France Review: FirstLeaf Wine Club

I know I’ve mentioned it in this space, but in my regular work life, I only deal with wine from the west coast states of California, Oregon and Washington, so whenever I have a wine club to review, I am almost always most interested in the international wines that show up. Of course, it’s hard to see Bordeaux sitting in the box and not want to open it that night. So we did and here’s my La Belle France review.

The interesting thing with Bordeaux is that, the cooler growing conditions than we have in say California (or even Washington for that matter) often leads to wines which are an interesting combination of low alcohol (this La Belle Rouge is about 13.5%) but also high in tannin. That’s the sweet spot for Bordeaux, it can be food friendly but also age worthy. Like good Bordeaux, the acidity won’t overwhelm you here.

So how was this? Like many Americans, we tend to open the bottle and pour a glass while we’re cooking…..instead of waiting for our food. That’s exactly how NOT to do it with your La Belle. At first, we opened this and were underwhelmed. Over time though, as the steak cooked and the asparagus was seared, the wine opened up. It ended up quite good. Here’s what Vivino users rated the La Belle Bordeaux:

Ok, so what’s the end of the review of this La Belle Bordeaux? First, like everything I received from the FirstLeaf wine club, I was thrilled with the initial offer price point of $3.33. I mean, who wouldn’t be right? You can check out my complete FirstLeaf review here but who finds anything even drinkable for that price? I mean, 2 Buck Chuck this ain’t and it’s the same price for most of America (outside of California good old Charles Shaw is actually $3 now).

Now the hard question: would I pay $25 for this bottle. So we definitely enjoyed the bottle and $25 is kinda the starting spot for most decent wine in California. But, would I pay it? I think after writing this La Belle France review that the answer is probably not. It’s a damn good bottle of wine, but I think there’s some other wines from FirstLeaf that I would reorder first and I think with some searching you can find some of this range of Borderaux for a bit cheaper. That’s not to say this was a problem at all. It’s just Bordeaux is so damn competitive in America.

Ok, so the final La Belle France Review: 1.5 stars, or corkscrews or whatever. Basically, I’d gladly drink this again and I’d reorder at $25 sometimes, but not always. I think for a wine club wine, that’s a positive review.

If you sign up for a FirstLeaf wine club, you’ll be happy receiving this in your initial box.

La Belle France review

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