Miguel Aime Pouget Review Firstleaf

Miguel Aime Pouget Review: FirstLeaf Wine Club

So this an Argentinean Malbec. Vivino actually LOVES this wine, considering that it’s a Malbec, which consistently rates lower than say Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir does. Here’s Vivino’s thoughts:

So what were my thoughts? I previously talked about Saturn’s Rings Malbec and how I was very excited to receive the wine as part of my FirstLeaf Wine Club review process, was an Argentinean version just as exciting? Kinda. First, if this came from Chile, I’d be a bit more concerned that FirstLeaf was cheaping out and simply filling the box with something that didn’t cost them as much as say, something from California.

This wasn’t that though, there was a smoothness to this wine, which I think helps to explain why folks willing to give Malbec a try, tend to go back for a second bottle.

Overall was I happy that this Miguel Aime Pouget ended up in my shipment? Heck yes. It was a really, really good wine. At $21 retail, would we be buying a ton of it? No. BUT….for the $3.33 that I paid for my initial Firstleaf shipment was this a good value? Of course. Seriously, order your initial box from Firstleaf and then go from there. In my rating scale I’ll give it 2 stars, or corkscrews or whatever mostly because it was really, really good and for Malbec, people really like this.