Mississippi Wine Club Shipping

If you live in Mississippi, you can’t currently legally order from basically any wine club. You might be wondering why not. As with many of the most conservative states in the country, alcohol shipping is still not legally allowed, or is severely restricted.

When I first opened my own wine club, the expectation within the industry was that things would have changed in a meaningful way by now, but they haven’t. Things are changing, but for wine clubs, it’s happening at a snails pace.

Take the new set of laws coming down in Mississippi as an example. They’re allowing alcohol shipments for the first time, but only from a local store and only to someone living within 30 miles of that same store. Here’s the article.

So a couple of things. First, does this really help consumers? Kinda. I mean, it might save you a trip to the store so that’s good. Does it help wine clubs? Of course not, no wine club is based in Missisissippi.

Moving forward, this is similar to a set of laws that Michigan passed some years ago that were then challenged in court. In Michigan the state legislature attempted to make it legal for in state retailers to ship, but not out of state retailers. That law was largely overthrown and wineries are now allowed to ship wine to consumers in Michigan, but retailers are still fighting the fight so to speak.

So is your wine club shipment going to be showing up in Mississippi any time soon? Depends who is shipping it and what their setup is, which makes this another good reminder why I write my series about What Type of Wine Club Are You?