My One Question For A Wine Club That Is Really A Winery

One of the permitting types that I haven’t gotten into yet, but will spend some significant time on, you know when my kids are maybe actually in school outside the house, or when I’m not busy watching the attempted fall of Democracy here in America, is a wine club which is actually permitted as a winery.

There are a few which have this setup, which really was pioneered by Winc (read my Winc Review here) although some older wine clubs have had permitting that allowed them to bottle wine, they were not doing that full time.

There was a time when I was pitching a tv show (long story, different day) and was interviewing winemakers on camera. One of the groups of winemakers I interviewed made some of the Winc wine in a warehouse in Santa Rosa (Sonoma).

They said that the paycheck was great and didn’t have any complaints. I asked about the difference between making wine for Winc and making their own wine. Basically they said that the only difference outside of actually getting paid, was that with Winc they didn’t want to take any chances.

So my question for a wine club that is permitted as a winery is quite simple: How much latitude do you give winemakers to take chances in any given vintage, or are they supposed to deliver just the basics?

I can talk about what I mean by the basics in an upcoming post, but as people search for a wine club membership I think it is important to look into what you are likely receiving.