My One Question For the New Sommelier Wine Clubs

I’ll get to writing about some of the new Sommelier led wine clubs in a bit, but I have one basic question to ask of them before jumping in.

First and foremost, I think that Sommelier’s are going to be able to do the one thing that I still, stubbornly perhaps, think is the most important part of any wine club: finding good wine.

But, my one basic question for any Sommelier focused wine club is simply, how is the wine you’re finding and shipping any different than what I would find at a good local wine store?

My local wine stores, or even my local wineries, can provide some great wine. What are you doing differently than they are? Are there discounts? Are you focused on imported wine? It’s fine if you are, but how are your selections different or better than what is already available in my market? I get that the San Francisco market is perhaps the most competitive in America (New York gets more international wine, but not as much local wine) but I still want something unique.

So where does your wine come from and why pay for shipping from your Sommelier led wine club if I have a good local wine shop?