Naked Wines: Dave Harvey Cabernet Franc Review

So in my shipment from Naked Wines (want to know how it all went? Read my Naked Wines Review), the wine I was most interested to try was the Dave Harvey Cabernet Franc.

What did I think of this wine? Two starts in my review because I was both really happy with the quality AND I would pay the $28.99 retail for this. It’s an excellent expression of Cabernet Franc, made at a fair price. Now the $6 or so I paid for it in this shipment is obviously, a home run!

You might be wondering why I was happy to see a Cabernet Franc as part of a Naked Wines shipment. Well to start, I love wine from the state of Washington. But, I also think it says a lot about Naked Wines and what they’re doing, that they’re shipping a Cabernet Franc from Washington as part of my opening package (albeit with a case of wine, maybe we have a better chance to do some interesting stuff as a wine club).

So I really, really enjoyed this wine.

So what does Vivino think of this wine? Not surprisingly, given it’s a Cabernet Franc, not in love with it. If you are wondering why I say that, consistently Cabernet Franc is described as a softer and more subtle expression of a Cabernet grape. Most of what we know seeing the success of Napa Valley is that many wine consumers do want a thicker and heavier wine. So it was kinda exciting to see a wine club offer a Cabernet Franc.

So a minute on Dave Harvey as I think it’s worth a note that Naked Wines found a good one. He is something of a familiar name within the wine trade largely through his work at Bergervin Lane Vineyards. At Bergervin Lane they make a Cabernet Franc, which retails for $38. If you stop for a second and think, if all Naked Wines is doing as a wine club, is shipping what amounts to the same Cabernet Franc for $10 off (of course, they have this pretty amazing trial price of $6) that’s no so bad as a consumer right?