NakedWines Cancellation Process

So, after ordering a wine club shipment from NakedWines, it was time to cancel. I’m happy to report that I was able to do so online, without intervention in much the same way as I was able to sign up. Here’s the process and I am happy to give them their point (a quick reminder on how I grade wine club cancellation processes) for making this easy enough.

First, you find your account in the upper right hand corner. Good job NakedWines not hiding it. The upper right is how the web is normally setup.

As you might expect, you click on “Your Account”. Doing so brings you to the following page and if you scroll to the bottom, you find the cancellation button.

Of course, no wine club wants you to leave quite that quickly. NakedWines wants to make sure, you’re really sure.

When you click on the “I’d rather cancel” button, NakedWines does actually cancel you.

So that’s it. That’s the NakedWines wine club cancellation process. Simple, straight forward and easy to accomplish online. While I’d still maybe like less clicks to accomplish this task, I’m not going to argue about it too much.

When you read my NakedWines review you’ll see one point given for them allowing me to cancel my wine club without much fuss.

Good job NakedWines!