NonProfit Fundraising and Wine Clubs: A Good Match

Since Covid hit, a number of different businesses have been more adversely effected than others. Anyone dependent on foot traffic, in a more liberal area, is going to still be experiencing decreased attendance. If you were in parts of California, New York, Oregon or Washington State the initial closure that your in person business had to get through was often many months longer than the same closure would have been in another state like say, Texas.

At some point I’ll attempt to dive into how those closures effected wineries, but for now I want to focus on one way that a winery and a nonprofit in Oregon have found a solution that helps them both.

In Portland, a partnership between Specialty Wines NW and the Oregon Zoo is producing a new and interesting wine club, but also produced a check to the nonprofit for $36,000 last month. Oregon Live has more information.

I’ve talked at length in this space about why newspaper wine clubs exist, the short version is because they have massive email lists, but that same argument holds true for many nonprofits as well.

The exciting thing about this type of partnership is that, instead of increasing corporate profits and seeing those wine club profits go back to shareholders….it’s going to help a nonprofit. It also is a model that significantly larger nonprofits can copy.