One Hint With Your First Online Wine Club Membership

So one thing that struck me this morning when I received emails from both of the wine clubs that I had taken the quiz for, but not bought any wine (yet!)…..when you sign up for an online wine club membership it’s a good idea to go through the process and not checkout.


While marketing wine online can be difficult because no major ad network like Google allows retargeting (retargeting is when you see an ad for something that you looked at buying previously) the one work around for wine clubs is when they have your email address.

So, they’ll use that email address liberally in most cases. I can speak to how effective email marketing can be for wine. But, often a wine club will send you a coupon code.

Basically you should be looking at those initial offers that are very public on wine club websites, as initial offers. 50% off. Cool. But how deep are the discounts that you’re really willing to go to?

The answer to that question will come via email once you showed an interest, gave the wine club your email and then walked away. Yeah, it’s kinda like buying a car. Play hard to get at the beginning.

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