Rutz Cellars Review California Wine Club Front Label

Rutz Cellars Sonoma Pinot Noir Review: California Wine Club

So after opening the Chardonnay (I didn’t like it at all) I moved onto the Domaine Rutz, or Rutz Cellars (depends if you are going off the bottle, or off the website) and their Sonoma Pinot Noir.

So to start, I’ve drank more Sonoma Pinot Noir over the years than almost any varietal and any grape. I’m lucky for it too. I have friends that make Sonoma Pinot. So I have high standards. It’s also damn hard to mess it up. I’m fairly certain my 10 year old and his friends could make a passable Sonoma Pinot in my driveway by stomping on the grapes and leaving them alone, that’s how good the fruit is.

So I opened this and……yup, it was Sonoma Pinot. It was good, it was drinkable and there’s nothing to complain about. Yes, letting it breath for a couple hours helps, but this was on the money so to speak.

A couple of notes, first yes, this is 1 corkscrew. It’s a fairly priced wine at $35 from the winery and $25 from a number of retailers. Now California Wine Club offers it as a reorder at $9 and that’s a home run. But you’ve got to pull it at the full rate to get there. Overall, if you use the coupon code in my California Wine Club review, you’ll end up spending about $15 per bottle of wine, which makes this pretty good. But again, if you paid the equivalent for $30 for this, having the ability to reorder it at $9, when it’s literally $10 elsewhere probably doesn’t sound like a deal. It doesn’t to me at least.

Compare that $15 to what you’d pay at the grocery store and you’ll be pretty happy-but compare to a top flight discount wine retailer and it gets a little more interesting. I would say that’s one thing about California Wine Club, the discounts on reorders are a thing that you absolutely need to take advantage of to get full value from your wine club membership. But seeing the wine available for 50% cheaper than what I paid, even with a coupon, isn’t a good look.

To be as clear as possible, my issue with what I received in my shipment though, is that despite paying $15 per bottle on average, even with an awesome coupon is that I found the wines available for significantly less elsewhere. Here’s my Rutz Cellars Sonoma Pinot Noir example