Saturn's Rings Malbec review

Saturn’s Rings Malbec Review: FirstLeaf Wine Club

I’ve been excited to open a few bottles over time while writing this site, but few quite as much as Saturn’s Rings Malbec by FirstLeaf Wine Club.

You’re probably wondering why?

Is it the name?

No. I don’t care about that.

The label?

No. I don’t care about that either.

In reality, one thing that I always tried to do with my own wine club, was to take some chances and to tell a story. There’s a pretty epic story to be told in regard to Washington wine and a lot of the beginnings of it, have to do with Malbec.

Normally when we see a wine region beginning to ascend into the public consciousness, it’s based on a single varietal. Oregon as an example, has Pinot Noir. New Zealand here in America has Sauvignon Blanc.

Washington started with Malbec and many people thought, both inside the industry, but also consumers, that the Malbec being grown in Washington found a nice sweet spot between the watery versions from France where it simply isn’t hot enough consistently to ripen the varietal and South America where it’s hot enough to ripen Malbec, but often too hot and the wine ends up extracted and too fruity.

The results here, were excellent: Don’t take my word for it though, here’s the Vivino score for the wine.

Saturn's Rings Malbec Review

So what did I find so interesting about this Saturn’s Rings Malbec? It was plump, round almost on the palate. While traditional Malbec tasting notes will mention flavors of berries, I always end up thinking someone stuck a blueberry or two in the bottle. There was also enough acidity to keep you interested and to pair with almost anything you were making.

Quite simply, this was an outstanding wine. In my wine grading for Wine Club Reviews, it’s two stars. We enjoyed it AND we would gladly pay the going rate of $19. Of course to write this review, I took advantage of a series of FirstLeaf coupons and paid just over $3.

You should absolutely take advantage of those FirstLeaf Wine Club coupons on my FirstLeaf Wine Club review page and figure out a way to get this into your box!