What Are Wine Clubs Doing in Early January?

Counting their money after taking all of yours for Christmas presents? Not exactly. Well kinda.

So what are wine clubs doing in early January? Mostly, the end of the year dealt with shipping wine and trying to survive, so my work in early January was always pretty basic. I had to figure out what products I needed and how much. By the end of this first week, I’d have built a spreadsheet of the prepaid wine gifts that had been ordered and how much wine and shipping charges I had upcoming. I’d then set up orders for what I needed, specifically looking at boxes and wine inserts.

Oh and the bad part of this next week or two? I can’t really say there were returns to handle, because you can’t return wine, but there were always cancellations from people who had overspent over the holiday and your wine club subscription, unlike most of the other gifts under your tree, doesn’t get delivered all at once. It’s easy for a consumer to cancel a number of prepaid months and ask for a refund. For some reason those folks ALWAYS had to make a bigger deal out of it than it was, this is my one tip for consumers asking a wine club for a refund, just ask. You don’t need to make up a story, or tell them how bad something went, they should refund you without an issue.

So what are wine clubs doing in early January? Mostly digging out from Christmas, dealing with returns and planning for the next couple of months in large part because the most common wine club gift is a 3 month subscription, so they have to handle those Christmas orders again in both January and February.