What Happens When You Dispute that Wine Club Credit Card Charge?

It’s something I thought of yesterday, writing about the sheer number of returns and chargebacks that wine clubs can experience this time of year. I thought you might be wondering, so when you click that dispute button on your credit cards website, what happens next?

So from the consumers perspective, all good right away. For the vast majority of us, your credit card company is going to refund your money immediately. But what happens to the wine club on the other end?

To start, one thing I always found is that consumers would dispute the entirety of the credit card transaction, including the wine that they had already received. Like most online wine clubs, my paperwork wasn’t great, BUT, my software was.

There were any number of software solutions from online wine centric players like Vin65, to larger ecommerce spots like Woocommerce that allow you to track, tracking numbers by order.

So, if I can do that as a wine club with a budget of approximately zero, your wine club has that data and more.

So after a couple of days, your wine club is going to get something in the mail from their credit card processor. It’s going to say that a consumer disputed a charge because of….name some reason, but mostly they’re going to click the first option which is typically “Goods/Services Not Received”

That’s when they get the chance to respond, which typically includes your tracking number showing that the wine you ordered, was in fact, delivered.

For me, with my wine of the month club, I always wanted to be paid for the wine that was delivered, but was happy to refund consumers for wine that had not yet been shipped. Not every wine club is going to function like that though and there are some horror stories about getting refunds for long prepaid wine club memberships.

Ok, so what happens when you dispute that credit card charge with your wine club? It starts a process where your credit card company in essence becomes the judge with you as the plaintiff and the wine club as the defendant, except they normally have all the data on their side.