Why Don’t Wine Clubs Advertise New Years Eve Wine?

So here’s an interesting question that comes up every so often around this time of year: why don’t wine clubs advertise New Year’s Eve wine?

As most of you probably either know, or realize, New Years Eve is one of the biggest selling days of the year for sparkling wine. So why aren’t wine clubs, especially those are that are truly online wine clubs advertising for the holiday?

The answer quite simply, is shipping timing. I wrote about shipping timelines briefly before and the same is true for New Years Eve, but it’s actually kind of worse.

Here’s how the New Years Eve wine shipping timeline shapes up this year.

First, let’s assume you’d want the wine to arrive on the 30th, instead of New Years Eve. We’d probably want the 30th in practice because ground deliveries don’t often show up until later in the evening, often closer to 8pm and at that point it’s simply too risky.

Before I talked about needing a full week to get wine from California where most wine clubs are based, to the east coast, where most people still live. So we have to ship the 23rd then, right?

No. Christmas is a holiday, so it actually moves the shipping time frame back another day to the 22nd. No ground transportation moves on Christmas day. Secondly, you probably would need the cutoff to be closer to the 20th, in large part because almost every holiday season Fedex and UPS let small businesses know that some time right before Christmas, they are overwhelmed and need to clean out the system so to speak, so instead of continuing to move ground packages, everyone gets tasked on delivering those packages already at destination. In essence, they make the trade off to make sure some packages arriving after Christmas will be late, but they’ll get a larger number of Christmas packages delivered on time.

So why don’t more wine clubs advertise a New Years Eve wine special? The answer is that their shipping timeline for that would be unrealistic and having a New Years shipping cutoff almost a week before Christmas wouldn’t be good marketing and definitely wouldn’t be good for their bottom line.