Why Don’t Wine Clubs Push Valentine’s Day More?

I’ll get to why this post is being written in the early portion of January in a second, but one question I ALWAYS got from friends when my wine club was quite busy ended up being why I didn’t bother with Valentine’s Day. While that’s entirely true, the first couple of years, we thought Valentine’s Day would be the thing that got us through between the huge Christmas bump and the also busy summer season….but it never did.


First, a quick reminder, it takes a while to ship wine from where it’s made and largely warehoused, IE California and where most of the people in the United States live, IE the eastern time zone.

It takes about a week actually. This year, is the WORST CASE SCENARIO for Valentine’s Day shipping. Valentine’s Day is a Monday. Would you be comfortable having the wine delivered for your Valentine’s Day gift, on the day itself, especially when it requires a signature? Me neither. So really, you need the wine delivered by Friday Feb 11th. That means you’ve gotta ship that wine on the 4th of February. Say it takes a couple of days for your wine club to pick and pack that wine club shipment and the order by date suddenly is looking like, February 1st.

Now, we know a few things about who is shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts right? Dudes. I’m writing this post in early January, because to maximize Valentine’s Day orders, you’d have to start advertising to dude’s, like today.

As you were thinking, why is this man writing about Valentine’s Day when it’s a month out! Dudes are thinking the same thing when they saw our ads and our emails. Too soon they told us. A couple of weeks later we had to tell them it was too late. That’s the other thing, not many men (sorry guys, it’s true) shop weeks in advance so we were fighting basic human nature, the calendar itself and a few other aspects. Combined it all made Valentine’s Day a bad bet for a wine club, even if at first glance it should have been a good one.

So why don’t wine clubs push Valentine’s Day sales? They can’t convince dude’s to shop a month ahead of time.

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