Will You Cover Winery Wine Clubs?

This is a good question, at some point in the future, will I cover more traditional winery wine clubs?

To start, a few of the wine clubs that I cover here already are actually wineries with different marketing. I’m looking at you Firstleaf and Winc. But what the household name wineries like Mondavi and others?

The answer to me is maybe. I want to cover online wine clubs in large part because they offer the same service to everyone. As an example Coppola has a wine club, the discount on wines is only 15% because the big draw are guaranteed tickets to concerts at the property and access to the swimming pool. Yes, the swimming pool is epic. Those kind of amenities though, only work if you live in the wider San Francisco Bay Area, or if you visit for a lengthy time period. That’s not most wine club members.

So will I cover some winery wine clubs in this space? Maybe a bit for comparison as much as anything, there may be a few that create a suite of offers that benefit everyone but it’s damn hard, so I’m a hard maybe.