Winc Review

Over time, I’ll be adding a lot more information here about Winc, to give you the most complete Winc review on the internet. Until then, please consider this a placeholder.


Winc Cancellation Review:

As part of each of my wine club reviews, I cancel my wine club membership and track how easy or difficult it is to do so. Cancelling Winc, unfortunately was more difficult than cancelling others for two reasons. First, I went into my account profile and checked and found that I could skip a shipment, but not cancel. Check out the lower right hand corner. To be clear, that’s a crappy user experience and Winc should do better. If I can postpone a shipment, I should be able to cancel right there as well.

After some digging, I came to the conclusion that no, there was no where inside of my account profile that was going to allow me to cancel. So I took the next logical step and used the support chat. Luckily and maybe because it was 10am in the morning on a weekday, there was a customer service associate available from Winc and there wasn’t a que to chat with that person.

Next, I found that yes, this seems like the way you are supposed to cancel your Winc membership because there is a drop down choice for cancelling. That’s good.

The next steps, as I’m sure you’ve seen on some of my other wine club reviews, or experienced yourself, was the questions about why I might like to cancel.

Those kinda questions continued for a minute. I took a couple of deep breaths, after all, this isn’t Christine’s fault. She’s just doing her job and I’m sure she’d prefer to skip the dog and pony show that her bosses require. Plus, yelling over chat especially is just going to aggravate me and turn her day worse, without any added benefit.

Winc review

Ok, more of the same. Yeah, the same question getting asked multiple times gets annoying.

Now, finally….some progress in my efforts to cancel my Winc wine club membership

And conclusion!

So ends my chat to cancel my Winc membership. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I was able to cancel without intervention. Needing to chat with someone from the company, isn’t best practice any longer and given that Winc is allowing me to skip shipments the same way I signed up for a wine club, they should allow me to cancel the same way. For this Winc review, I can’t do anything but award them 0 of 1 points, err corkscrews, or whatever. I don’t like the Winc cancellation process because it requires someone from Winc and there’s no good reason that it should.