Wine Club Ratings Explained

Here’s how I review wine clubs on this site. I want to give you a detailed view about the entire experience of joining one of these wine clubs, especially if its an online only wine club. So, I’ve tried to include both the wine itself (my most important part of the score) down to ease of cancelling your wine club

Shipping Timeline:
0-2 Days: 2 points
3-5 Days: 1 point
6+ Days: 0 points
Wine Quality *please see below
I’d like another bottle: 2 points
Cool. Not again though: 1 point
Nope. Poured it out: 0 points
Answered My ?’s: 2 points
Basics, Only: 1 point
What is this?: 0 points
How Easy Is It to Cancel?
Easy: 1 point
Not: 0 points
Yes: 1 point
Kinda. Or No: 0 points

*To get my ratings to be a more understandable 10 point scale, I will grade each bottle in a standard 2 bottle wine club shipment individually. For those wine clubs which ship more than 2 bottles at a time, I will average the score I have for their bottles and then double it.