Wine Clubs Can Soon Ship to Alabama

So it’s been a long, long time coming and there have been more court cases and proposed laws in the state legislature than anyone could possibly count, let alone keep track of….BUT, wine clubs can soon ship to Alabama.

Well, some of them at least.

So what’s happening in Alabama is similar to a number of other states, wineries are going to be allowed to obtain a direct shipping permit and then, ship directly to consumers. So wine clubs that are functionally, wineries, like Firstleaf and Naked Wines will be (legally) allowed to ship to Alabama.

Wine clubs that are permitted as retailers, will not be eligible for a permit and therefore won’t see any changes. Specifically California Wine Club will be effected here. While there are work arounds, this is a step in the right direction. Every wine club, especially those permitted as wineries should be able to obtain a shipping permit and pay taxes in each state they service. This isn’t hard and it’s nice to see Alabama FINALLY come along.