Winery Wine Clubs vs Online Wine Clubs

So it’s something that I’ve already begun to consider. Will I cover winery based wine clubs, or will I stick to only online wine clubs?

At first, I thought I would stick to only online wine clubs. But, then I started looking into America’s most popular wine clubs and found that many of them are actually wineries. If you read my FirstLeaf Wine Club Review, you’ll notice that yes, FirstLeaf is actually permitted as a winery. Winc is another online wine club that’s really permitted as a winery.

That’s ok and it’s smart on a number of levels, if it is a bit expensive at first.

So will I cover more traditional winery wine clubs in this space? Yes.

There will be some caveats. My reviews for winery based wine clubs, may be slightly different because the wines being produced can be a more known quality. So, I’ll be looking at some of the bonus features that can come with these wine clubs. Robert Mondavi wine club as an example, gets you a discount on summer concert tickets. Francis Ford Coppola calls their wine club a wine family membership and offers discounts to a number of things, not the least of which is their pool (yes, a pool at a winery). So I’ll cover some of the innovative versions of winery based wine clubs. I had a friend with a Napa Valley Cabernet label and I’d tease him consistently because he was selling his wine club, but the dude only made a single wine. So we’ll avoid those, because they’re probably not that much fun.